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In one of the episodes of the Top Shot Colby Donaldson asks the competitors, “Who does not own a Ruger 10/22?” The response to this question is a bunch of strange looks and laughs. Indeed, is there any serious shooting enthusiast who does not have at least one 10/22 in his collection? 10/22 was the […]

Two Legs Goood

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I got 6 point EIC leg and another 6 point DR leg at the Arizona State Championship yesterday. Well, 253-2 and 251-1 scores are not something I’d brag about…I guess I was just lucky because all cool guys already got their distinguished badges 🙂 Still struggling with my sustained fire. I shoot tight groups in […]

Colt 1903 Part II

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I polished all screws and pins and blued them with torch and quenched in oil. Wow, they turn out just amazing! I tried to take a picture but my phone camera is just not good enough. As I started assembling the frame, I noticed that the disconnector looks just like 1911 disconnector. Then I realized […]

Colt 1903

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I found this old Colt 1903 on Gunbroker and decided to buy it and try to make it great again. As you can see, most of the original bluing was gone except small area under the grips. The grips themselves are the ugliest ones I’ve ever seen, they somehow remind me of Spanish Inquisition. I […]

Hey Little Sister, Shotgun

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I have a confession to make – before today I’ve only shot a shotgun once – and it was rather unpleasant experience. Well, it took me a few years, but last week I picked up a brand new shiny Benelli Montefeltro Silver 20ga at the local BassPro. I must say I am very impressed by […]

Those Who Can Do, Teach

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It was an honor and privilege to assist John Zurek at the Bullseye Clinic we had at the range today. Even though technically I was a coach, I felt like a student and learned quite a few things from John. Here are just some of his quotes from today’s class: I bet you already can […]

Cleaning My Gun

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Very often I hear the same thing from fellow shooters, that the part they hate the most (or like the least) about shooting is cleaning their guns. Well, I dunno, maybe I’m different, but I actually enjoy it very much. There’s a beautiful Arizona Sunday morning outside, sunny with 73 degrees and a light cool […]

A Pale Green Dot

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I came across this company called Swampfox Optics, they make several different scopes and electronic sights, and among them is a sight called Liberator in the small Aimpoint-like form factor. What’s interesting about it is that it comes in three different versions – a red dot, a red dot with a circle and a green […]

Here We Go Round the Barrel Bushing

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A new bushing came this morning from EGW. It fits like a glove, very tight and very well made. In fact, it was just a hair too tight on the barrel, so I put a dab of very fine grit lapping compound on the tip of the barrel, assembled the slide with the barrel and […]

A Little Help For My Friend

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Rebuilding a Springfield RO Elite Target for my friend. As usual, the bushing is loose, there’s a bit of a play when I wiggle the barrel between the breach face and the top lugs, and the trigger group is nothing to write home about (unless, of course, you want to whine about how gritty and […]