Cease Fire

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The Desert Midwinter is over, and I made a difficult decision to hit the pause and take a break from shooting for some time. My tendonitis is getting worse and worse, so I just need to give my arm some rest and for the next month or so not to lift anything heavier than a […]

The Press

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Many fellow shooters have asked me about my reloading press setup. In this post, I’ll try to list all the important options and upgrades I’d recommend. First and foremost, the press. I chose Dillon XL650, but now there’s a newer option available, the Dillon XL750 (and you can even try and win this press here). […]

Phoenix AZ Desert Midwinter

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From Tony Silva: Hello Shooters, The Phoenix Arizona Desert Midwinter Championships are coming soon.  If you haven’t already sent in your SR1 please do so ASAP.  I attached the SR1 and Match Program.  There is a 2700 on Sunday, February 9th, as well as practice during the week prior to the start of the Midwinter.  If you do arrive […]

Black Rifle or White Elephant?

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This year Santa gave me a Ruger Precision Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor. Not sure if it was because I was so good or because I was so naughty. So here I am, sitting and trying to figure out what else do I need to start shooting it. A scope, of course, plus a decent scope […]

Lord of the Rings Part II

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It’s been a month since I first started using the PhotoEscape’s aperture rings. While I believe it’s still a bit early to draw any conclusions, Alex asked me to provide an update. I’ve been using these rings on my .22 gun only because that’s the only gun I have that runs Ultradot. I’m using ring […]

The Sound of Silencer

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The suppressor project is done. When I started the build, I drilled my baffles 3/8″, but it was not enough, the bullets were keyholing and the shots were all over the place. I opened it up to 7/16″ and now it groups well and the holes are clean and round. Did I say it’s quiet? […]

Happy Veterans Day!

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Happy Veterans Day to all who served! Thank you all for your service and sacrifices you made!

Russian Roulette

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I recently acquired this interesting revolver. It is a single-action version of M1895 Nagant revolver called MTs-4-2 (МЦ-4-2) which was used by Soviet target shooters. It has windage-adjustable rear sight, but elevation adjustment is on the front sight, a but less counter-intuitive. The gun looks as if it was made using cold chisel and hammer, […]

Lord of the Rings

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I came across a very interesting product from PhotoEscape, Inc. It is a set of six aperture rings plus one ring to rule them all which works as a “rubber band ring” (click the link to learn more and read the excellent Dr. Norman Wong’s article). Intrigued, I ordered a set and here are my […]

Colt 1903 Part III

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I guess I can call this one done. I found a new barrel on eBay (still ~$120, oy!), a proper disconnector, a period correct magazine and a replica grips. Reassembling this little pistol was not easy at all, nothing like 1911, but I figured it out. Haven’t fired it yet, but everything seems to function […]