Here We Go Round the Barrel Bushing

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A new bushing came this morning from EGW. It fits like a glove, very tight and very well made. In fact, it was just a hair too tight on the barrel, so I put a dab of very fine grit lapping compound on the tip of the barrel, assembled the slide with the barrel and […]

A Little Help For My Friend

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Rebuilding a Springfield RO Elite Target for my friend. As usual, the bushing is loose, there’s a bit of a play when I wiggle the barrel between the breach face and the top lugs, and the trigger group is nothing to write home about (unless, of course, you want to whine about how gritty and […]

Raw Deal Project, Part III

By Eugene 5 comments

As promised, here’s part III. I blasted all parts with 120 grit AlOx media and blued them using the Brownells’ Belgian Blue process, which resulted in really nice deep matte black finish. Again, she’s not a beauty queen and never meant to be, but she’s beautiful to me. My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the […]

Raw Deal Project, Part II

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I started cleaning up the slide with face mill and noticed that it leaves very deep tool marks. Obviously, either I was doing something wrong or the tool was not the right one of the job. Most likely, all of the above. So I used various grits of sandpaper and a lot of elbow grease […]

Raw Deal Project, Part I

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One of the obligatory activities at Camp Perry is, of course, shopping at the Commercial Row. Every time I end up buying a lot of things, some of which I do need, and some of which…well, let’s face it, I don’t really need. I load my car up with cases of ammo, jugs of powder, […]