Raw Deal Project, Part I

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One of the obligatory activities at Camp Perry is, of course, shopping at the Commercial Row. Every time I end up buying a lot of things, some of which I do need, and some of which…well, let’s face it, I don’t really need. I load my car up with cases of ammo, jugs of powder, […]

How to Detail Strip Smith & Wesson 52

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An old video I made a while ago when working on my friend’s model 52. Maybe it’s time to give my 52 a deep cleaning treatment.

You Cannot Buy Points, They Say…

By Eugene 3 comments

Are you looking for a new centerfire gun? Well, I have one in mind. It’s a great gun, although you will have to spend a lot of time making your reloads accurate at the long line. Factory ammo? Yes, possible, but rare as a hen’s tooth. Magazines are somewhat difficult to load, and you may […]

Goodbye, Camp Perry!

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Just a week ago, I was driving back home from the National Matches 2019 held at the historic Camp Perry, Ohio. It was my fifth time at Camp Perry, and it was so great to see the old friends again, and make a few new friends, and chat with all the people at the assembly […]