Raw Deal Project, Part III

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As promised, here’s part III. I blasted all parts with 120 grit AlOx media and blued them using the Brownells’ Belgian Blue process, which resulted in really nice deep matte black finish. Again, she’s not a beauty queen and never meant to be, but she’s beautiful to me. My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the […]

Anything to Declare?

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There’s a lot of information online about air travel with firearms, and I studied it all over and over again – but I’ve never actually flown with a gun until yesterday. The good news is that my travel was between gun friendly states AZ and TX, and the agent at the counter didn’t even raise […]

Something in the Air

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It’s 102 degrees outside and it’s a great day for shooting. Indoor, that is. Shot my air pistol this morning, and got 560! Not my personal best but doesn’t happen very often, so I am excited. Air pistols are fun and really help to improve your fundamentals and boost your slow fire. I’m seriously thinking […]

A Conversation Piece

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I was doing my grocery shopping yesterday when a gentlemen approached me and asked: “Excuse me, do you reload?” Then there was a brief moment of awkwardness until I realized I was wearing my Dillon T-shirt and Dillon hat. So we started a long talk about reloading presses, components, calibers and all that. He said […]

AZ State Championship, Show Low, AZ

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It was a great match, really enjoyable and easy going. I had a clean timed fire target and a decent .45 NMC slow fire. But 1911 is still killing me, I really can’t shoot sustained fire with it. Well, I do have some ideas, but it is a very long shot (pun intended!) In other […]

Be Vewy Vewy Quiet

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No, I’m not hunting wabbits 🙂 But I did submit my ATF Form 1 and fingerprints yesterday and I’m going to purchase some components and raw materials. This is going to be an interesting build 🙂 On a related topic, how come suppressors are not used in the bullseye sport? Is it because rules prohibit […]

Short Course Practice Match

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We are getting ready for the AZ State Short Course Championship and shot one practice 1800 match this morning. I don’t know if it’s just me or there is a grain of truth in it, but it feels like these reduced B-16 targets are much harder to shoot than a regular long line target at […]

Hot and Dry

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It’s too hot in my garage, and I didn’t do very good job yesterday. I made a couple of very stupid rookie mistakes and butchered my slide. My plan B was to use my good old Dremel tool with cutting wheel – and it kinda worked, just looks very ugly. In the meantime I’m back […]


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This post is inspired by a series of excellent articles called “Zen in the Art of Pistol Shooting” . How many times have you tried to shoot a perfect timed fire string? You tell yourself to take time, carefully place the dot in the center, squeeze the trigger, follow through – only to find a […]

Raw Deal Project, Part II

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I started cleaning up the slide with face mill and noticed that it leaves very deep tool marks. Obviously, either I was doing something wrong or the tool was not the right one of the job. Most likely, all of the above. So I used various grits of sandpaper and a lot of elbow grease […]