Lord of the Rings Part II

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It’s been a month since I first started using the PhotoEscape’s aperture rings. While I believe it’s still a bit early to draw any conclusions, Alex asked me to provide an update.

I’ve been using these rings on my .22 gun only because that’s the only gun I have that runs Ultradot. I’m using ring #3 for the sustained fire and ring #4 for the slow fire. I tried to use other rings but it was much more difficult to acquire the target with them.

My slow fire scores went up by 3-4 points in average. Just yesterday I shot 97 slow fire at the indoor 50 feet match and cleaned a rapid fire target.

Dr. Norman Wong has an excellent article about how these aperture rings work. Obviously I can’t say I understand every single aspect of this theory, but I guess it helped me to keep the dot in the center, reduce the parallax and apply the fundamentals of good shot more thoroughly.

One thing that these rings didn’t help me with is my astigmatism. I still see a dash or a starfish instead of a round dot unless I reduce the brightness to the bare minimum where I’m only able to see the dot when it’s over the black. I did try to put a small aperture to the rear of the dot but it didn’t work for me. Too bad Dr. Wong retired a few years ago, I really need to see a good eye doctor (pun intended 🙂

Bottom line is, I think this kit is really worth the money spent. Thank you, Alex, for the good product!

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