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In one of the episodes of the Top Shot Colby Donaldson asks the competitors, “Who does not own a Ruger 10/22?” The response to this question is a bunch of strange looks and laughs. Indeed, is there any serious shooting enthusiast who does not have at least one 10/22 in his collection?

10/22 was the very first gun I built, it was about 10 years ago. Instantly shooting and gunsmithing became my favorite hobby, so it’s fair to say 10/22 was my “gateway drug”.

And then I discovered the Rimfire Central forum. I learned about Kidd aftermarket parts (and, of course, I had to try the Kidd two stage trigger – and boy, what a magnificent trigger it was, and I immediately ordered a couple of them for my builds!), all different kinds of stocks for different purposes (and I couldn’t help it but build one in bullpup configuration, then one with a heavy stock, then another lightweight one on the aluminum chassis, the list goes on and on). There are plenty of different barrels, bolts, pins, you name it.

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